Sunday, 28 February 2010

Im So Hepy lor..

Laz week I've heard a lot of gud
news come from some of my fwens =)
it is gud to know all that stuff
but hey same thing also happen to me lor..wahhh
I'll post about it later oke hehe
Sometimes it make me envy about them you know umm..
about their hepy live huhuhuk
thinks back then I'm also hepy what
Live sometime will go up and down ma..
Back to the title of my post
I don't know why
laz week I feel so hepy when
received any news no matter gud news o the bad one...
am I crazy umm dun think so la
maybe this is how i enjoy my live now
I guess...
Feel so free when I know a lot of
things that always keep running
inside of my head b4
for months I guess but now not anymore
sangat suka menda bla dah tau ngeh3
Ok lah geng this week I'm lil bit bz
wif my things but I'll keep update my blog
stay tune..
Maybe I'll post about my 1st cheque that
I received laz week huahuahua

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