Friday, 25 February 2011

New Year New Path New Life

I know its really too late now to talk about new year but new journey happen everyday(apa aku merepek tok adoyai). For the past few months I keep telling myself to update my entry. I got a lot of new things to tell but when came the moment to write my story everything seem empty, gone, blur, blank. I guess it also happen to anyone else. I hope its not happen to me tonight.

I'm continuing my Degree now. Taking Bachelor in Marketing at UiTM Kota Samarahan, (UiTM di hatiku) something that I can only dream of before...but now here I am fullfiling my dream..Alhamdulillah. As the new journey begins, everything not seem so new to me maybe because I used to the culture. Culture of UiTM students that I've experienced during my Diploma.

I make some new friends especially in my class and now proud to say that everyone knows my name even I don't really remember some of them ;) (I will, just gives me some time). My first thought was I never make friends in my Degree even if I do maybe it takes time but now they are all my friends =) they are..only a few of them, the rest I'll post soon kew ;)

Dear new FRIENDS. I'm so glad meeting you all. Never thought it be this good to know you. Hoping we can be even closer day by day and care to each other. Thanks for accepting my existence among you all, I really appreciate it. 

I guess that all for this time. Will update new entry soon ;)

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